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Bamboo Activated Charcoal Filter | Mortise And Tenon

Bamboo Activated Charcoal Filter

Because natural has been, is and will always be the best, at Banbu we offer you the most natural and beneficial way to filter water: the activated carbon filter, so that the water in your home is better, tastes better and takes care of of your environment better.

Banbu's activated carbon filter is ideal for those who want, in addition to effectively purifying their home water, a 100% ecological, practical and clean alternative that allows them to dispense with bottled water and its disastrous environmental impact. For those who know that both producing plastic bottles and disposing of them has a disastrous environmental impact.

For you, that to quench your thirst you choose the most natural!

It may surprise you, if you have not used it before, but the activated carbon water filter is probably the best way to return to the water you drink, all its purity, its good taste and also an extra mineral, in a way, totally ecological, clean, simple and practical.

The Banbu carbon filter is neither more nor less than a piece of bamboo that has undergone a subsequent activation process through its carbonization at high temperatures, thus achieving a very porous material that attracts and traps In its micropores, all kinds of elements (chemicals, toxins, decomposed microorganisms, particles of mud, lime, heavy metals, etc.), which are what give the water a bad taste and reduce its purity, also providing its own minerals.

Active carbon is what is usually used in water purifying jugs (Brita type). However, using only the carbon filter we will obtain the same results, but in a simpler , more ecological and very comfortable way because, in addition, we can take it comfortably on a trip taking up very little space. This way we will have clean water with good taste anywhere.

The filtering capacity of activated carbon depends mainly on its size. Specifically, our filters are designed to be comfortable and that you can put them in any container, even so with their small size they can filter about 3 liters of water every 4 hours and for 3 or 4 months . So if, for example, you let it act at night , you will have clean, rich and fresh water for the whole day!

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