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Mason Tops - Bean Screen Sprouting Lids for Mason Jars 2-pack | Mortise And Tenon

Mason Tops - Bean Screen Sprouting Lids for Mason Jars 2-pack

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Masontops is the name to trust for Mason jar accessories. The Bean Screen's patented design designed to fit all Wide mouth Ball, Kerr and Bernardin mason jars, creating the perfect environment for growing super nutritious sprouts.
  • GROWS ALL KINDS OF SPROUTS: The Bean Screen grows all types of densely nutritious sprouts, including broccoli, alfalfa, mustard, mung bean and more. Sprouts are loaded with vitamins, fibre and iron. Turn your wide mouth mason jars into sprout machines!
  • MAXIMIZE AIRFLOW AND DRAINAGE: Bean Screens have pegs enabling your jas to stand on end for complete drainage, inhibiting spoilage. The faceted sides stop the jar from rolling and stabilize the growing environment as the jar rests on its side.
  • INVERTED SPOUT FOR EASY RINSING: Bean Screens have an inverted spout, so rinsing is a cinch. The screens on other lids have to be unscrewed and removed, otherwise there's a lot of splashing. Been Screens never have to be removed at any stage of the sprouting process.
  • MADE FROM BPA-FREE PLASTIC: The Bean Screen is made of BPA-free plastic with silicone sealing gaskets, so you can be sure it's totally food safe. You'll enjoy growing your own superfoods at home and know they're as healthy as can be!

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