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Grosche - Fruit and Tea Infuser Bottle - 18.6 fl oz. | Mortise And Tenon

Grosche - Fruit and Tea Infuser Bottle - 18.6 fl oz.


Tea infuser bottle to sip tea on the go

A tea infuser bottle for the tea lover! The GROSCHE MARINO infuser bottle is a durable and leak-proof to-go bottle. So it makes travelling and infusing with a water bottle more convenient. It’s the perfect water bottle for infusing fruit or steeping loose leaf tea anywhere, featuring a carrying strap and silicone grip.  Simply add in your favourite fruit, some loose leaf tea or even make a cold brew coffee, either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy tasty hydration on-the-run with this heat resistant, BPA-free and lead free tea infuser bottle. The MARINO is lightweight yet durable, making it an easy travel companion wherever you go. It  holds 550 ml/ 18.6 fl. oz. of your beverage of choice. The silicone band around the glass allows a good grip and protects your hands from the heat. It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The bottle can easily fit a yoga bag, gym bag, or even cup holder for a car. That makes it a convenient tea infuser bottle. The silicone grip makes it non slip and comfortable to hold.

The stainless steel infuser of the MARINO tea infuser bottle is the perfect size for steeping loose-leaf tea or infusing fruit water. Easily empty the strainer by unscrewing the base lid when steeping or infusing is complete. Afterwards, put the infuser back in to prevent leaking from happening. The infuser will not rust and will not impart a metallic taste in your drink. Some of our favorite fruits to infuse are strawberries, blueberries, lemons, and limes. Add a little mint for some extra freshness in your water all day.

This is also a very easy to use matcha shaker bottle! To start with simply open the bottom infuser cap, add you 1 matcha scoop. Close it. Then open the bottom, add hot water. Remember to use water at around 160F so you don't scorch the matcha powder and make it bitter. Then close the lid and give it a few shakes to make your matcha to go! Since the bottle has a full capacity of 550ml or 18.6 fl oz, use enough matcha to give you a full flavor. For this reason add sufficient matcha in the bottom infuser and fruit juice in the top to make a fruit juice matcha blend. Then you can enjoy delicious matcha tea and  juice cocktails on the go.

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