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How to Find A Therapist by Faith G. Harper | Mortise And Tenon

How to Find A Therapist by Faith G. Harper

Finding a new therapist can be harder than dating! How do you know what to look for? Where do you even begin to look? Are you allowed to screen them before you start spilling your guts? What questions can you ask? How can you make sure they won't be biased against your identity? What if you're underage? What if you live in a rural area? What if it's a few sessions in and you aren't feeling it? Dr. Faith, a therapist herself, answers all these questions and more in this extremely helpful and reassuring playbook for finding your ideal mental health match. Whatever your need—depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, relationship issues, family drama, discovering yourself, or just needing someone to listen to you without judgment—this guide has the stigma-busting info to help you get the support you need.

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