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Marx's Das Kapital by Francis Wheen | Mortise And Tenon

Marx's Das Kapital by Francis Wheen


The first volume of Das Kapital, Karl Marx's unfinished masterpiece, was published in 1867 o muted praise. Born in a two-room flat in London's Soho amid political squabbles and personal tragedy, the fruit of Marx's twenty-year struggle did not at first look like it would have much affect on the world. But after Marx's death, the book went on to influence thinkers, writers, and revolutionaries, changing the direction of twentieth-century history. 

In Marx's Das Kapital, Francis Wheen tells the captivating story of the book's creation and explores its meaning and impact. Far from being a dry treatise, Wheen shows that Marx's work is something like a vast Gothic novel, whose heroes are enslaved by the monster created: capitalism. Furthermore, Wheen argues, there has been nothing remotely like Marx's book before or since, and as long as capitalism endures, Das Kapital demands to be understood.

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