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Radical Inclusion: Seven Steps to Help You Create a More Just Workplace, Home, and World | Mortise And Tenon

Radical Inclusion: Seven Steps to Help You Create a More Just Workplace, Home, and World


"Using stories and examples, David Moinina Sengeh presents seven principles for radical inclusion that are AS ACTIONABLE AS THEY ARE POWERFUL." ―Brené Brown

This book is a master class in innovation and human transformation.” ―Kwame Alexander

Can you imagine a world where everyone belongs?

Readers who have encountered this extraordinary book after seeing it featured on the Today Show and at packed events across the country are discovering that Radical Inclusion is unlike any book they’ve ever read before – and is the book we all most need now. David Moinina Sengeh has written a page-turning and deeply human story that gives a remarkable blueprint we can apply to our daily lives.

Inspiring, moving, and often humorous, the book includes wonderful stories and anecdotes that show us specific techniques to make our homes, workplaces, and communities happier and more just places for everyone. Sengeh takes us with him on his own remarkable journey as he learns how to:

1. Identify the exclusion
2. Listen, to understand and learn
3. Define your role – why you, why now?
4. Build a coalition
5. Pursue advocacy and action
6. Adapt to a new normal
7. See beyond inclusion

Get ready to be inspired by David Moinina Sengeh and his vision for Radical Inclusion. In a career spanning the globe, he has empowered girls through universal education and advocacy. Now YOU can learn from his experiences through his book, Radical Inclusion, the first release from Moment of Lift Books, created by Melinda French Gates.

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