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Recycled Dustpan and Brush Set | Mortise And Tenon

Recycled Dustpan and Brush Set

Make the smart, effective and eco choice for how you keep your home clean by tidying up with the Haug Burstein Recycled Dustpan & Brush Set!
- This top notch cleaning set is made in Germany using 96% recycled post-consumer plastic - so you know it's a purchase you can feel great about. What's even better though is how great it works. The brush bristles are sturdy and won't fray with regular use, while the dustpan has a rubber lip that makes sweeping into it a breeze.

- Made of 96% recycled post-consumer plastic
- Pan and brush next together for convenient storage
- Sturdy bristles sweep dirt effortlessly
- Rubber lip on dustpan let's dirt slide in with ease
- Recyclable

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