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Routine Deodorant The Class Luxury Scent Stick | Mortise And Tenon

Routine Deodorant The Class Luxury Scent Stick


When sisters Neige and Pippa created Routine, it was so good they had to share. Word spreads, as good things often do. That’s how they came to know The Class, by friends sharing the best things. The Class being life changing, like Routine, with simpatico and kismet, they became aligned. We hope you love this collaboration as much as we love moving with the incomparable phenom that is The Class.

Because it was too good to bottle into only one product, we took the beloved scent made with our friends at The Class and infused it into more goodies for your bath, beauty, and everyday rituals. Made with 100% natural and nourishing ingredients, environmentally friendly, and a favourite among The Class Team.

Functional scents and ingredients carefully created to deliver a subtle yet notable scent. Bold with a gentle finish. Modern sensibility with hints of ancient wisdom. Tonka bean as the top note lends a slightly sweet, energetic aroma. Amyris in the middle for a deep, sultry smokiness along with ambrette seed diffusing a gentle (plant based) musk. Rounded off with the aromatic and wise incense-like scents of sandalwood and precious orris root.

Orris for Clearing.
Jasmine for Softening.
Amyris for Repair.
Tonka for Regeneration.

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