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Watch Your Head | Mortise And Tenon

Watch Your Head


A warning, a movement, a collection borne of protest.

In Watch Your Head, poems, stories, essays, and artwork sound the alarm on the present and future consequences of the climate emergency. Ice caps are melting, wildfires are raging, and species extinction is accelerating. Dire predictions about the climate emergency from scientists, Indigenous land and water defenders, and striking school children have mostly been ignored by the very institutions - government, education, industry, and media - with the power to do something about it.

Writers and artists confront colonization, racism, and the social inequalities that are endemic to the climate crisis. Here the imagination amplifies and humanizes the science. These works are impassioned, desperate, hopeful, healing, transformative, and radical.

This is a call to climate-justice action.

Edited by Madhur Anand, Stephen Collis, Jennifer Dorner, Catherine Graham, Elena Johnson, Canisia Lubrin, Kim Mannix, Kathryn Mockler, June Pak, Sina Queyras, Shazia Hafiz Ramji, Rasiqra Revulva, Yusuf Saadi, Sanchari Sur, and Jacqueline Valencia


Kathryn Mockler is the author of four books of poetry and six short films. She is the Publisher of the online climate anthology Watch Your Head and Canada editor of Joyland Magazine . Her debut collection of stories is forthcoming from Book*hug in 2022. She is an Assistant Professor of Screenwriting at the University of Victoria.

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